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The Butcher’s Son

As I’ve admitted before, I am always up for eating from a food truck and my adventure today with The Butcher’s Son was no exception.  Months ago I had made a promise to Randy at Gandolfo’s that I would be one of the first to try The Butcher’s Son; an hour long line and a few buckets of sweat later I fulfilled that promise.

Now, I don’t eat Babe pork so the thought of trying The Butcher’s Son, which is primarily bratwurst and sausage, wasn’t particularly appealing to me.  Naturally, I had stalked the menu online prior to venturing over and was relieved to find that they serve chicken sausage and even stuffed bell peppers for those of us who don’t necessarily like our meat in stick form.  That being said, I really appreciate food trucks who utilize social media (hint: 3 Men and a Taco) and seeing as The Butcher’s Son has been extremely active on Twitter and Facebookprior to their launch, I knew this food truck was well thought out.

Checking Twitter this morning I noticed a genius marketing plan put in place by Dallas’ newest truck on the streets.  The first 25 customers to be in line at their lunch time launch would not only get free food but also get a wristband which would allow them exclusive deals for LIFE.  I’m pretty sure if you are eating bratwurst that often your lifespan probably won’t be that long-just another smart marketing plan by our friends at The Butcher’s Son.  As luck would have it I was number 26 in line, but that didn’t stop me!  I love food, especially from restaurants food trucks I’ve never had before and sometimes I even don’t mind paying for it-weird concept, I know.  To keep the other peasants that didn’t get to join the lifetime club happy, staff of The Butcher’s Son passed out re-usable grocery totes and t-shirts with their logo on it.  For all of you food trucks that are about to launch: people love free shit! Do it.

Standing in line, I eye-fucked all of the orders popping out of the shiny, silver-lined windows of the truck.  Finally, I decided on getting the Butcher’s Son Three-Way, a little basket that includes one of each of their sliders.  “The Longhorn” slider which is comprised of braised beef, jalapeno slices, tomato and pepper jack cheese.  The slider clearly named after me, “The Southern Bell,” which filled with chipotle and cheese chicken sausage, onion, cheddar cheese and bbq sauce.  And last but not least, “The New Frontier,” piled with naval pastrami, andouille, sautéed onions, swiss cheese and spicy mustard.

“The Longhorn” ended up being my favorite of the bunch.  The braised beef is perfectly tender and spiced to perfection.  The slices of fresh jalapenos give the sweet taste of the beef just the right hint of spice and let’s be honest, who can go wrong with pepper jack cheese.  I anticipated that “The Southern Bell” would be my favorite and although it was delicious, there was something missing.  Personally, I think there should have been something crunchy like lettuce or even spinach on there to give it a little extra oomph.  The fresh cut onions that come on “The Longhorn” and “The Southern Bell” didn’t blow my mind either.  Sautéed onions come on “The New Frontier” and need to make an appearance on the other sliders as well.  This last mini-sandwich was solid.  Thinly sliced pastrami pairs perfectly with the spicy mustard and swiss cheese.  However, the promise of andouille sausage being on my sandwich was broken and nowhere to be found.

The good thing about these sliders is that any flaw they may have is masked by the insanely delicious rolls each is made with.  The rolls are buttery and about as soft as bread can get, making them a picture of gluten perfection.

I can’t wait to go back to the Butcher’s Son.  Unfortunately their fryer was down today but visions of their lime fries and black gold (ehem, fried oreos dusted in powdered sugar) will be in my head until I get my hands on some.  I had to settle for a cake pop instead which didn’t disappoint at all-however, it wasn’t fried and weall know that everything is better when it comes in a crust!  All in all, I’ll bet that The Butcher’s Son will be around awhile.  A solid performance on their first day ever is always a good sign and once a few kinks are worked out this will easily be a must-try on the Dallas food truck scene.

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