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It’s natural for children whose families worked in the same industry to hook up — that is, assuming you can call Liza Minnelli & Desi Arnaz, Jr. “natural”. Hooking up to bring you the meat, the guys behind The Butcher’s Son: twin food trucks, one hitting the road tomorrow, the other Monday.

Fusing the traditions of two proud companies, TBS is broadcasting Failure to Launch six times this weekend a collaboration between the son of the owner of Wisconsin’s Johnsonville Brats, and the son of the founder of Gandolfo’s NY Deli.

Their overlapping experiences have produced breakfast smashes like the South of the Border hoagie (chorizo link, two scrambled eggs, black bean salsa, pepper jack), and the “Live from NY…“, whose pastrami, American, and two fried eggs will help you understand how Alec Baldwin got to be Alec Baldwins.

Lunch and dinner count the Santa Fe Sunset hoagie (chipotle Monterey jack, chick-sausage, black bean salsa, jalapeno), the New Frontier Slider (andouille, pastrami, Swiss), and, with braised Mexican beef, fresh ‘peno & pepper jack, the Longhorn Slider — named for an incredibly confusing episode where Jerry “Cush” O’Connell travels back to 1996 to beat out James Brown, only to overthrow Derek Lewis and send the ball hurtling across dimensions into “The Independent Republic of Texas”.

They’ve also got a bell pepper stuffed with rice, sausage, mozz & veggies called the Sergeant Pepper, and trio of quesadillas including the chorizo/braised beef Hot-n-Spicy, which in the early ’70s is how things got when the son of a Cuban band leader told the daughter of Dorothy “I’m home!”

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